Custom Home Construction, Design, and Remodeling

At Genesis Fine Homes, we take a flexible, hands-on approach to ensure we’re always in tune with what you want. It’s not our house, it’s yours, and we want you to be happy and proud of your new home.


We can design and build your style of home and one that is tailored to your unique lifestyle. We are continually inspired by architectural visionaries like Louis Kahn, Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer and Frank Lloyd Wright. Genesis Fine Homes specializes in traditional Craftsman and Mid-Century home designs.


Never using cookie-cutter home designs, we offer the ability and experience to design a stylish appearance, and build a floor plan around your needs. We construct your ideas and vision from the size of the rooms to a unique kitchen design. From small micro homes to large estates, Genesis Fine Homes has designed and built homes from 900 square feet to over 7,500 square feet.


We are always respectful of the land where you plan to build your new home. We strive to incorporate native trees, plants and special land features in order to preserve the beauty of the building site where you chose to build your new home.


Other services

  • Energy-efficient home construction
  • Garage and outbuilding design and construction
  • Basement construction
  • Green building method
  • Home additions, restoration and reconstruction
  • Home plan design
  • Outdoor kitchen and patio design
  • Pool house design and construction
  • Project management
  • “Micro” home construction

Building on a Budget?

Staying within your budget should not be complicated. It demands open communication and a commitment of working with everyone involved in the construction process. Transparency is an integral part of our process and our success. Our process is very simple and successfully works in maintain a true cost to budget process. Our construction fee for both new construction and remodeling projects is built around the “Cost-Plus Fee “system.


For more information regarding our pricing, or to discuss details of your unique project call 405-202-9754 to make an appointment.

Busting the Myth!

When I was growing up in Iowa I spent a great deal of time playing in my friends basement. Basements were, and still are, a common fixture of home construction in the Mid-West. When I moved to Oklahoma in 1994 I was surprised to learn that basements were not an integral part of home construction here. Everyone told me that you cannot build basements in Oklahoma. I did the research and this is what I discovered.

Oklahoma is unique in the fact that the majority of its soil is clay. Clay soil is one of the most volatile soil types on earth and because of its unique characteristic to swelling/expansion in wet conditions, or drought conditions, clay soil is extremely problematic for basement construction. The movement of clay soil can be linked to millions of dollars in basement and foundation failures throughout Oklahoma. For many years builders in Oklahoma constructed basements with brick, or concrete block. The volatility of the clay soil, over time, would cause fracturing in the brick and mortar, or would even bust and crack concrete blocks allowing moisture and water to penetrate into the basement walls eventually causing partial or total failure.

Basements not only add living space, but also offer security from Oklahoma’s unforgiving weather. Basements, if properly designed and constructed, can be constructed virtually anywhere in Oklahoma. Property constructed basements include a lifetime warranty against water leaks and failure. 

For more information on how you can include a basement with a lifetime warranty in your new home just contact Genesis Fine Homes at 405-202-9754.

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